Yahoo! News: Presidential Election 2000
News about the 2000 presidential campaign from the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and other media sources.

C-SPAN Campaign Video Search
Watch videos of candidates’ speeches on the campaign trail and other coverage of the 2000 election at this searchable archive from C-SPAN.

Richly annotated links to Web sites of presidential candidates and political parties, both mainstream and obscure, along with a calendar of presidential primaries and caucuses, links to state political information, and more.

Project Vote Smart
Heaven for political junkies, with extensive information about more than 13,000 national and state candidates, congressional voting records, links to sites about dozens of political issues, and the texts of ballot initiatives around the country.

Open Directory Project: Issues
Links to more than 7,000 sites about such political issues as abortion, animal welfare, church-state relations, gun control, human rights, the militia movement, and poverty.

Search the detailed federal campaign finance data by candidate, political action committee, contributor name or occupation, and other variables to find out who’s giving money to whom. Register to Vote
If you aren’t registered to vote, download the National Mail Voter Registration Form, fill it out, and mail it in (sorry – it has to go by snail mail).
Check out the links in the Issues Library, which lead to thousands of policy-related position papers, reports, press releases, government documents, and court decisions from a huge variety of organizations of all political stripes.

Whitehouse 2000
All kinds of links to sites about the 2000 presidential candidates – official, unofficial, and even parody sites.

Political Resources on the Net
This site is great if you're looking for political sites outside the United States. It has links to more than 16,000 politics-oriented sites around the world that are operated by political parties, governments, media outlets, and others.

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