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"The most useful comprehensive source of information I've found is in a book, rather than on the Web. I don't often recommend books, as they are often outdated as soon as they are published, but this one is a winner."
John C. Freed, The New York Times

"Maxwell's reputation as a purveyor of electronic government information was established with his earlier title, Washington Online: How to Access the Government's Electronic Bulletin Boards...This modestly priced book will be useful in academic, special, and public library reference collections as an aid to librarians and patrons, as a guide to creating 'bookmarks' to specific Internet sites, and to individuals as a desk reference."
Library Journal

"...a strong contribution to the growing list of Internet directories...The reading style is straightforward and nontechnical...The excellent detailed descriptions of Internet sites can reduce frustrating searching on the Internet for specific information."
Journal of Government Information

"...even the most intrepid government information junkie will discover a few new treasures in Maxwell's book."
Shirley Kennedy, Information Today

"...this is a valuable guide to government information free to anyone who has Internet access."
The New Books Shelf, National Archives and Records Administration

"...he has chosen only quality sites for inclusion. Such resources are less likely to change or disappear and this policy will ensure that the book remains current for longer than some other printed Internet guides."
Internet Resources Newsletter

"I am gathering far more information from the Web and the even more expansive Internet than I did a year ago. I have received invaluable guidance from IRE member Bruce Maxwell, author of a book trilogy from Congressional Quarterly Inc. in Washington, D.C."
Steve Weinberg, The IRE Journal

"This book...would make an excellent addition to the reference desks of most public libraries, as well as many law libraries. As a librarian, I recommend this book for all reference collections."
Legal Information ALERT

"This book is an excellent resource to find federal government information. It is easy to read and filled with good advice."

"...(a) high-quality guide...Listings for each site include annotations that provide 'just enough' useful information about the site."
Chris Sherman, Internet Searching Guide

"For the avid U.S. government watcher, an essential. For the serious Internet information gatherer, regardless of nationality, a very useful resource."
Rob Slade

"If you do have a serious need for accessing government information from the Web, you might be better off with a reference book such as 'How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet,' by Bruce Maxwell ($28.95). Maxwell does a good job of organizing the hundreds of Web sites that make up the electronic version of the federal government. He gives accurate descriptions and makes sharp criticisms of the sites. If you're a researcher, here's a book you ought to keep on the shelf. I have found Maxwell's book easier to use than surfing the Internet for specific federal government sites. The book also opened my eyes to just how much info is out there."
Frank Ruiz, The Tampa Tribune

"...better put your order in now, 'cause there's sure to be a waiting list for Bruce Maxwell's guide to the federal government on Internet...The book is well-organized and easy to understand."
The Database Files

"Maxwell definitely writes with his reader's needs in mind. The tone is always that of a friendly guide ready to provide all the hints required to use resources intelligently. Descriptions are often sprinkled with phrases such as 'some of the more interesting files,' 'most annoyingly,' and 'be forewarned,' and efficiently convey the suggestions of a practiced researcher. Never openly clever or flashy, the writing style befits an objective yet humane reference work...More serious researchers will appreciate the high standards that Maxwell has set for future professional-level reference guides."
Technical Communication

"...comprehensive in scope...If you have a serious need or desire to access government information as a researcher, consumer or citizen, Washington Online is a must."
Steve Kelley, The Online Column

"In-depth descriptions and addresses of nearly 300 federal Internet sites and resources help draw a clearer map of our government's spur on the information highway."
PC Magazine

"From Supreme Court decisions and presidential speeches to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, there is something here for everyone."
Reference Books Bulletin

"Directions are clearly written and easy to follow, making this a useful publication for readers wanting to quickly explore available options on federal information."
Food Regs Analyst
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