Chapter 1

How to Search for a Washington Job: Before You Arrive

Why a Career in Public Policy?
Why Washington?
Sidebar – Web Sites About Washington, D.C.
Expectations vs. Realities of Washington Jobs
Sidebar – Washington Newspapers Online
How to Prepare Yourself Academically
Starting Your Job Search
How to Write a Resume
Sidebar – Action Verbs Make Your Resume Sparkle
How to Target Your Resumes
The Art of the Cover Letter
The Art of the Phone Call

Chapter 2

How to Search for a Washington Job:
In the City

Sidebar – Where to Stay in Washington
Preparing for Interviews
The Interview
Sidebar – Getting Around Washington
Sidebar – Temp Work for Policy Wonks

The Job Offer
Juggling Multiple Job Opportunities

Chapter 3

Working in Washington: Internships

Sidebar – Profile: Brian Walters
The Downsides of Internships
Sidebar – Internship Misunderstandings and Disappointments
How to Find an Internship
Sidebar – Profile: National Organization for Women (NOW) Internships
Sidebar – Profile: The Capitol Hill Internship Experience
How to Apply for an Internship
Sidebar – Profile: State Department Internships
How to Have a Successful Internship
Sidebar – Profile: Rep. Ron Kind
Sidebar – Profile: Congressional Research Service Internships
Sidebar – Profile: League of Conservation Voters Internships
How to Survive the Internship from Hell
Sidebar – Profile: U.S. Supreme Court Internships
How to End the Internship
Sidebar – Profile: U.S. General Accounting Office Internships
A Final Word

Internship Contacts

Chapter 4

Working in Washington: Congress

Who Runs Congress?
Sidebar – Profile: Shannon Tesdahl
Who’s Who in a Congressional Office
How to Find a Hill Job
Sidebar – Congressional Information Online
Sidebar – Guides to Congress
Sidebar – Capitol Hill Newspapers Online

The Downside of Working on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Contacts

Chapter 5

Working in Washington:
Federal Agencies and Departments

Sidebar – Federal Employee Job Attitudes
Qualifications and Salaries for Federal Jobs
How to Search for a Federal Job
Sidebar – Kiosks Provide Federal Job Information
How to Decipher Federal Vacancy Announcements
How to Prepare Your Federal Application Materials
Moving Beyond Vacancy Announcements
The Presidential Management Internship Program
Sidebar – Profile: Aparna Mohan
How to Avoid Federal Job Scams

Executive Branch Contacts

Chapter 6

Working in Washington:
Interest Groups and Think Tanks

The Basics of Interest Groups
Sidebar – Profile: Lucy Alderton
Pluses and Minuses of Working for an Interest Group
How to Get a Job With an Interest Group
The Basics of Think Tanks
Sidebar – A Job Bank for Conservatives
Working at a Think Tank

Interest Group and Think Tank Contacts

Chapter 7

Working in Washington:
Trade Associations and Labor Unions

Lobbying by Trade Associations and Labor Unions
Sidebar – Profile: Bess Kozlow
Working at a Trade Association or Labor Union

Trade Association and Labor Union Contacts

Chapter 8

Working in Washington: The News Media

The Washington Press Corps
Sidebar – Profile: Neil Baumgardner
Getting a Job in the Washington Media
Sidebar – Community Newspapers Can Be Stepping Stones

News Media Contacts

Appendix A:
Sample Resumes and Cover Letters

Appendix B:
Federal Jobs by College Major

Appendix C:
Federal Government Vacancy Announcements

Appendix D:
Optional Application for Federal Employment – OF 612

Appendix E:
Some of the Best General Job Hunting Sites on the Internet



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